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Very good experience. I had a session with Sarah and Sammie and enjoyed the easy way Sarah used the interaction between the horse, Sammie, and I to share insights about things that I am dealing with. Highly recommend! ~~ Nadine N.

Communication, Professionalism, Quality Last night I had my very first ever equine coaching session. This therapeutic intervention was completely unique, unlike any therapy I have experienced in many years of seeking.
As an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse trauma, I still carry a core belief of deep unworthiness which colors my perception of life. On the surface, I am fine, but deep down I continue to struggle with the ability to accept love. Hope, my aptly-named 4-legged half of the the coaching team, held for me a sacred space in which I was able to viscerally take in her completely unconditional love and acceptance. This horse must have been a star student of Carl Rogers himself! My encounter with Hope by-passed the mental and verbal realms, going straight to my heart, unfiltered by the cautious voice of my ancient wound which admonishes me to keep my distance from such supportive caring. In other words, she got through to me, the real me! Sarah watched us closely from outside the paddock, gently guiding the session with just the right amount of quiet input, never pushing or interfering with this healing horse and human interaction.
I plan to have more sessions with Sarah and Hope, or possibly her mini-horse therapist, Sparkey, and I highly recommend Language of The Heart Live Coaching to anyone who needs a heart, rather than a head experience of healing! ~~ Susan W.

Hope the Horse, and Sarah, helped me to understand that I do not have to conquer every moment, every relationship. Life is not a game of win or lose.  Life will usually have its own way anyhow, so why not keep it simple and flow with it. Today I will practice this new viewpoint of life, allowing myself the gift of freely flowing, enjoying a deeper meaning in my experiences, my situations, my loved ones.  A new awareness.
Thank you Hope the Horse, for showing me how to let go, and just flow.  read more ~~ Linda S. ~

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