The Horses


Hope, brown horse with white blaze

I adopted Hope from Foothills Humane Society in June of 2016. She is a chestnut mare about 23 years old at present. The Humane Society picked her up from a kill pen. She had a foal at the time, and she was extremely emaciated. She went to an employee of the Humane Society’s farm, and immediately seen by a Vet. She was put on a feeding program and began on her journey of love, healing, and nurturing in the hands of Patti Lovelace. In about 2 months she was fat and sassy and fit right in with the herd.

I came into her life when I was working at TIEC in Tryon, NC. I was looking for a companion for my other horse Sammie at the time, and heard Foothills was there with their animals up for adoption.  I spoke with them and expressed what I was interested in, and she told me about a horse that was up for adoption. I went to meet her (Hope) at the farm that evening and I was immediately drawn to Hope and decided to adopt her right then. She was healthy and sweet, and I never would have thought her journey had been so hard.

I brought her to my farm, and my horse Sammie is so welcoming and friendly to every horse, that they immediately got along. Hope was the perfect companion. I think it’s important for Horses!  They are herd animals (social beings) as we are, and Horses need Horses, and people need people!

She has turned out to be so much more than that for me! Our relationship has grown so much in the last couple of years. We have connected on a deeper level and developed a trust and bond with each other on the ground and in the saddle!   What she has taught me as a coach and personally has been very profound. It takes time to trust others (humans), and ourselves, and she offers this in an environment filled with patience, acceptance, and healing for those  in coaching sessions next to her!

Woodlands Sampson (Sammie)

Sarah Overcash and Sammie

Sammie is an oversize pony at 15 hands. He will be 18 years old this May. I bought him from Woodlands Pony Farm in Brodnax, Virginia in 2005. He was only 3 years old. He is a bay hunter jumping pony and has been consistently trained by Carley Goodnoe an exceptional Natural Horsemanship Trainer in Lancaster, SC! Sammie has been privileged , as so many horses have not ,to be given a loving, nurturing home here at my farm in Campobello , SC, and Carleys farm too over the last 15 years. His original home of birth is a top rated hunter jumping pony farm of over 100 ponies that roam open and free at all times in the beautiful hills and pastures of Virginia!

He has also been shown several times in Eventing and has placed each time! He is very stable and honest and always willing to perform as asked!

In his therapy experience with clients He offers a safe and calm environment for them to explore their own personal work during a coaching session. He continues to teach myself and others about our authentic selves and how to reclaim who we are and the role we play in our daily lives. I know he has shaped me into a better horsewoman, coach, and human being! I am forever grateful to him !!


Sparky Pony

Sparky is a mini horse sorrel color with flax mane and tail. I adopted him November of 2017 when he was 7 years old. Whitney Wright, who runs Hope for Horses, a wonderful nonprofit rescue farm had rescued him up to bring to her farm. He responded beautifully given a nurturing safe home!

I always heard, “Sarah if you have 2 horses you will need to have 3!” Well I found that to be true! I had been wanting to get a mini horse as a pasture companion for when I ride one of my horses. So, I researched rescue mini horses in my area, and found Hope for Horses. Sparky just happened to be up for adoption. When I met with Whitney and Sparky his spirit felt right! I was sure he would get along with my horses.

Sparky gets along well with Sammie and Hope. It is interesting for me to see them interact and respond to each other, a lot of life lessons to learn! Sparky offers painting, grooming and leading sessions for children or adults in coaching sessions. 

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