The Process of fighting self doubt(old beliefs) vs Believing in Self !

October 8, 2019 — 7:58 pm

I am working on building my equus coaching business and finding i take 1-2 steps forward then three back! My horse Hope has mirrored to me my feeling small and not confident lately . She bucked and kicked out in round pen at liberty , and i had to keep convincing her what i was asking. WHAT was I asking?? I think She was mirroring my own self doubt! Seems to be something that keeps showing up with my belief in myself about doing my coaching business!! This is a perfect example of how my horses continue to mirror to me what I am manifesting in my own life. if I believe I am not confident then that is what will in my life! Now the work is to breathe , keep asking and moving forward in taking baby steps , and staying grounded in the BELIEF that I am manifesting abundance in becoming a great Equus Coach and to offer my services to those also desiring and seeking to discover, and work toward their true authentic self one baby step at a time through partnership with a horse. Then I find the shift occurs, and becomes a gentle flow of congruency and connection between myself , my horse, and the world around me. ( my coaching business dream)

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