My Session with Horse Cards

I was talking with Sarah and learned she has a new on-line therapeutic modality. It’s called The Horse Path Therapeutic Cards. Since I am observing pandemic precautions, I was excited to try it.

What it is

The deck contains three question card decks in the categories of Family, Trauma and Leadership and a Horse deck of about 80 picture cards featuring pictures of a real wild horse herd. The herd is in various situations and compositions.

How it works

First you pick your category, then you pick one question to address. Then you pick 5 cards from the Horse Deck. Sarah then uses her coaching talents to help you understand why you picked those images in relationship to your question.

Sarah does this in a zoom session so her client can share their screen, letting Sarah see the question and cards picked.

My experience

Sarah first asked why I picked each card, one by one, and what was it about that card that related to my question. Then, based on my answers, she went back to certain images and drilled down with very insightful questions. One, in particular, stopped me in my tracks and… Sarah had nailed something that I had been unconsciously avoiding in my personal life.

I am not a very forthcoming person and was quite surprised at how I found myself openly talking about things so private and real. Sarah helped me to recognize an obstacle I have been putting in my own way for years, a destructive pattern, and how to get around it.

Huge gratitude

to Sarah and her gentle effective approach to helping others. In the end I had clarity and deeper understanding of myself and after all, isn’t that we go to a coach? —– Nadine N.

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