Equus Coaching is a dynamic approach to personal transformation incorporating the timeless wisdom of the natural world. In partnership with horses, Sarah guides others on a profound and personal journey to discover their own true nature and gain a vivid awareness of the patterns that shape our lives and world and improve our relationships.

In this time of COVID when so many are limiting their exposure, I am happy to offer a very special on-line service with The Horse Path Therapeutic Cards.

They are a unique and inviting way of assessing clients where they are. These cards allow me to engage you with horses in an interesting and effective way. Book a session with me and The Horse Path Therapeutic Cards.

“Reconnecting with your authentic self so you can connect with others in healthy relationships.”

My Mission

My hope and goal as an equine therapy coach is to offer this experience for anyone feeling stuck,  and struggling in  moving forward in finding their true essence, and who they truly want to be no matter what their challenges are! 

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